Why Should I Become a Mason

There are many reasons to become a mason.  Most men won’t fit the mold.

  • The stated goal of freemasonry is to make good men better.  Are you a good man?  Do you want to be a better man?
  • The reasons to be a Mason are not mercenary.  Masons are looking to offer help, not looking for a handout.  However, you can be sure that another Mason will reach out a helping hand if you truly need it and are worthy.  If you are just looking for business connections, join the Rotary Club.
  • Masonry isn’t a drinking club, although sometimes we have get togethers, intemperance and excess are not a part of what we are about.  If that’s your thing, join The Chive – they do charitable things too.
  • Freemasonry is the foundation upon which many organizations (including the US Government, and other organizations) have looked to for how to establish themselves and run effectively.  Are you interested in learning about history?  Are interested in learning more?
  • Freemasonry is Inclusive, not Exclusive.  We welcome everyone who meets the basic requirements – belief in a higher power and being a good person are the major ones.
  • Freemasonry is the world’s oldest and largest fraternity.  Do you want to be a part?  Would you like to make some true, life-long friends of similar mind?

If this resonates with you, consider joining a local lodge.


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Scandalous Freemason Secrets

As Masons, we do have a lot of secrets. If you want to learn them, join us.

Masons have secret handshakes, rituals, signs, symbologies, and funny things we say to one another. We use these test others to see if they are also Masons, and to remind us of the wise and important truths you will become more aware of as a Mason. Many important and influential men have been Masons; many names you already know.

We are law abiding citizens, sworn to be loyal subjects in the country in which we live.

Here are the Scandalous Qualifications for being a Mason:

– Belief in a Supreme Being (we are inclusive)
– Desire to join is “of your own free will”
– Be an adult man, who is “free born”
– Be unbiased by friends and uninfluenced by any mercenary motives
– You must have a desire for knowledge and be willing to serve the greater good

One of our most important and scandalous secrets is one that that you already know – by doing good for others, your charity can extend beyond the grave.

Join us, and help do some good.

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Is Freemasonry a Religion?

Religion involves the worship of a god.  Freemasonry does not offer worship services.

One prerequisite to becoming a Mason is the belief in a higher power.  Freemasonry makes no attempt to define that power for their members.  Whereas many religions tend to be divisive and exclusionary, Freemason is inclusive and democratic.

Although, portions of books of the old testament are often used to provide allegory, there is no favored or promoted religion dogma, in fact, discussions of politics and religion are strictly prohibited within a lodge.

Freemasonry is a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.

If you have questions, ask:  wm@eurekadupont.org


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How do I become a Mason

The simple answer is “to be one, ask one”  – like the bumpersticker says “2B1ASK1”

The real question is are you ready?  Are you ready to seriously look outward and say
“What can I do to help the less fortunate?” instead of “What’s in this for me…”  If you can ask those and other questions, honestly, maybe you are ready…

Ask one…If you don’t know one, you can email one here:  wm@eurekadupont.org


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Is There Greatness in You?

Eureka-DuPont is looking for a few good men.  Are you a good man who wants to learn to be a better man? Freemasonry may be for you.
No one invites you to become a Mason.  As our motto suggests: “Making Good Men Better”.
Have questions?  Ask: wm@eurekadupont.org


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