Scandalous Freemason Secrets

As Masons, we do have a lot of secrets. If you want to learn them, join us.

Masons have secret handshakes, rituals, signs, symbologies, and funny things we say to one another. We use these test others to see if they are also Masons, and to remind us of the wise and important truths you will become more aware of as a Mason. Many important and influential men have been Masons; many names you already know.

We are law abiding citizens, sworn to be loyal subjects in the country in which we live.

Here are the Scandalous Qualifications for being a Mason:

– Belief in a Supreme Being (we are inclusive)
– Desire to join is “of your own free will”
– Be an adult man, who is “free born”
– Be unbiased by friends and uninfluenced by any mercenary motives
– You must have a desire for knowledge and be willing to serve the greater good

One of our most important and scandalous secrets is one that that you already know – by doing good for others, your charity can extend beyond the grave.

Join us, and help do some good.

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